Thursday, July 28, 2011

Warung Bu Pilih

The whole world seems to meet at Ibu Kade's WARUNG BU PILIH where we spent many hours whiling the time away, chatting and watching the tourists who came to visit the Buddhist Temple nearby.

Ibu Kade sells just about anything that can earn her a few dollars a day.

The Bakso Man arrives late in the afternoon to sell his delicious meatball soup.

And then there is my friend Guntur who is in charge of the nearby Temple's carpark.

HP 085 737 715 675

He only earns Rp.450,000 a month (about $50) which, however, doesn't stop him from indulging his fetish for shoes of which he possesses three highly polished pairs.

Lively and charming Nana, full of laughter and mischief, attended the Temple's "Sunday School" ...

HP 081 558 512 559

... while the village schoolkids were practising for the forthcoming Independence Day Marching Competition.