Sunday, September 12, 2010

So what does one do in Ubud on a Saturday night?

One goes to the Lebong Café in Monkey Forest Road and watches the All Blacks beating the shit out of the Wallabies, that's what!

Followed by Everton vs. Manchester United with Manchester leading 3:1 for most of the time with a dramatic final effort by Everton to finish the game 3:3.

This morning we are walking up Jalan Kajeng to check into the Arjana Bungalows for two nights from where I shall reconvene the Arjana Ool Club - there is no p in it; please keep it that way!

The last night we will spend at HARRIS Tuban again before catching the Midnight Express back to Australia. If Nick had his way, he'd catch it today as all he wants to do is go home again!