Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm staying!

I'm now the self-appointed business manager for the "Eternal Accoustic Music"!

They play on the beach at the Sea Breeze Cottages every night. Last night I asked them if they could play any of Tantowi Yahya's songs. They gave a beautiful rendition of Aryati, after which I requested Rinduku Padamu to be sung for someone I left behind at "Riverbend", and followed it up with Kasihmu Kasihku.

At the end of the evening the bandleader, Made, asked me how I knew about Tantowi Yahya. I told him that I am married to somebody who is absolutely mad about Tantowi and that we play his CD every time we drive from "Riverbend" to Batemans Bay.

So the band formed a small circle around me and kept playing and singing until well after the security guards had locked the place and dimmed the lights.

We talked about how they earned their money and I asked if they had a website and whether they had recorded their own CD.

- No website!
- Okay, I'll build you one!

- Yes, one CD!
- Okay, why don't you promote it during your performance?

And why not make it more apparent to the Western guests who think that the hotel pays them that they also depend on donations?

I suggested that they make up a nicely-carved Balinese box with the words "Donations welcomed" in gold-lettering on the front, and put it on their bandstand. Of course, they would also have to "seed" it with a few initial "donations" of a couple of Rp.50,000 and Rp.100,000 banknotes to suggest to guests what sort of denominations are most welcomed

And what about getting a 'proper' name, I asked. Who or what is "Eternal Accoustic Music"? I suggested they call themselves "Made and the Music Makers", and print up leaflets to be handed out to all the guests during their performance, which would read,

Made and the Music Makers welcome you to their concert and invite your requests for songs. You may wish to show your appreciation by buying our CD for Rp.100,000 or by making a donation. Thank you and enjoy your evening!
Made - Leadsinger
Gede - Percussions
Katut - Guitar

Watch out, Tantowi! Here come Made and the Music Makers! (and their new business manager Peter)