Friday, June 14, 2013

Theo Zantmann


Years ago, on one of my Bali trips, I met Theo Zantman who's been living and painting on Bali since the late 80s. As well as painting portraits, abstracts and nudes, his most characteristic works are his kampong and rice field paintings which, in their vibrant colours, are very evocative of Bali life.

Kaki Lima
Kaki lima are mobile carts from which food vendors sell a variety of local snacks such as bakso (meatball soup), mie ayam (chicken noodle soup) and rujak cingur (spicy vegetables with peanut sauce). They're called kaki lima because they've got five legs (kaki = leg, lima = five); well, sort of - two wheels, a backstand, and two legs on the guy pushing it.

Warung Baru
A warung is a small shop or café'; baru means new; thus 'new shop'

Theo Zantman likes to be known as Bali's Van Gogh. Next time you visit Bali, look him up and let me know if he still has both his ears ☺