Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our trip back to Denpasar

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Rather than going back to Singaraja and then south through the centre of the island, our driver, Ketut Yadnya, agreed to take us west to the small town of Seririt from where we headed up into the hills to Mayong, then east to Munduk, and the twin-lakes Tamblingan and Buyan, before joining the major north-south road again.

After saying 'good-bye' to Padma's favourite gym in the village of Banjar, we headed into the hills.

Our first stop was at the Bali Panorama View Point Restaurant.

Then came enchanting Munduk, probably the nearest thing to the New Guinea Highlands I have ever seen.

The area around the twin-lakes Tamblingan and Buyan is a hiker's paradise and I want to come back here one day.

But why do they sell boomerangs in the local souvenir shop???

Then came a lot of monkeying-about before we joined the main road again.

Of course, no picture collection of Bali is complete without the ubiquitous water buffalo. This one even talked to me. I think he said, "I'm a lot of bull."