Sunday, March 22, 2009

Preparing to go: Don't leave home without it!

If you want to access your normal e-mail service in a simple manner while you are away try You just type in your own e-mail address and your password and away you go.

If you want to access your OWN computer at home while you are away it can be done. This, of course, saves you all those frustrations about coping with different looking screen layouts or re-typing all your e-mail addresses and allows you access to any information that you've stored on your own computer. It also means that you don't have to take a laptop with you on holidays so you save all that weight (both ways) and freight costs to say nothing of the insurance cost that you should have and the risk of losing everything if it's stolen!

Before you leave home you must download onto your computer a simple program from (or others) and decide on a secure password. This computer must be left running while you're away of course but the screen can be off. On your holiday you need only find any web-enabled computer at a friends or a cyber café for instance, log onto the 'Log Me In' site, enter your home address and password and there you are, sitting down at your own familiar computer with all of your data and info at your finger tips ready to download photos, write e-mails to friends or begin your holiday diary.

You can subscribe to this service for just the duration of your holiday at the rate of US$12.95/month.